About us

Brisbane Pétanque Club was founded officially in 2002 by a small group of people who for the sheer love of the game strove to create our courts here at Kalinga Park, to better share the sport and to expose others to a popular French tradition. Their enthusiasm for a good time promoted what we have today.

As a member club of Petanque Federation  Australia, BPC has a commitment to helping new players learn the proper skills and develop their playing skill to the highest degree possible. Several club members volunteer their time to assist in the training of players on an informal basis. 

Pétanque is both a leisure activity and a competitive professional sport. Whatever level you choose to play on, the game will bring you many rewards that last a lifetime.  

Pétanque, pronounced “pay-tonk”, one of Europe’s most popular outdoor games, is a cousin of the Italian bowling game called ‘bocce’. The game originated in the South of France in the early 1900s.

Pétanque can be played on most outdoor surfaces, without any setup.

The object of the game is to toss or roll a number of hollow steel balls (“boules”) as close as possible to a small wooden target ball, called a “cochonnet” (French for “piglet”). Teams can be 1, 2, or 3 players. Teams take turns, throwing one or more boules until their boule is closest to the target. When all of the boules are thrown, 1 or more points are awarded to a team for each boule closer to the “coche” than their opponent’s nearest boule. The first team to 13 point wins.